‘In Bloom’, Ja. Magazine’s first group exhibtion provides exposure for young artists

The award-winning digital publication Ja. magazine currently has their first group exhibition In Bloom, comprising a variety of works from the magazine’s past and present contributors, on at the KZNSA Gallery in Durban until 15 October.

Inspired by the launch of their project space earlier this year and curated by the Ja. team; Youlendree Appasamy, Niamh Walsh-Vorster, Dave Mann, and guest visual editor, Mandisa Buthelezi, the exhibition seeks to showcase, support and sustain an appreciation for the work that young artists are creating across South Africa.

Langa Project Photography by Andy Mkosi

”All artists in the exhibition have contributed to Ja. magazine at some point throughout the years, and so we had a lot to draw from. We mostly chose by medium, as we wanted a multi-media exhibition, and by theme and location, as we wanted the work to be as regionally and thematically far-reaching as possible. The final selection of work sees literature, visual art, multimedia works, and street art from across the country,” says the Ja. team.

When asked what the works reveal about emerging, contributing artists such as Andy Mkosi and Nosipho Nexele, to name a few, they’ve observed that, ”at the end of the day, [their work is] not emergent, it’s pre-existing, and all we’re doing is tapping into what young artists have already been doing in South Africa.”

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Existential Zebra by Werner Goss-Ross

In Bloom

Sensory Perception by Nosipho Nexele

In Bloom

Palermo Photography by Shalom Mushwara

In Bloom

I Don’t Understand Bananas, Really by Hannah Shone

In Bloom

Floral Photography by Robyn Perros

In Bloom

A still from the multimedia film Stale by Dani O’Neill


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