Queer Intergalactic Alliance: Experimental musicians Umlilo and STASH CREW collaborate for LGBT+ awareness

Dissatisfied with the way African queer communities are often represented in mainstream media, Johannesburg-based experimental futuristic musicians Umlilo and STASH CREW came together in 2016 for a “queergalactic collaboration.”

The collaboration, which they call the Queer Intergalactic Alliance, aims to “travel the world, share inspirational songs, stories and engage with queer communities in different cities”.


“Making music and performing is no longer enough for us,” the collaborators say. “In spite of the tremendous duress queer people are placed under, our narratives are erased from mainstream dialogues. In music, this is reflected in the amount of queer artists in Africa that are pushing boundaries but are not represented on world stages and media platforms.”

They undertook two international tours to “combat this misrepresentation and to engage with the greater community around the queer experience. We hope to create a larger network in which we, the queer community, can engage with one another and express ourselves freely.”

So far, the tours, which began in Cape Town and Johannesburg, have taken them to São Paulo, Brazil and Berlin, Germany. These tours included several musical performances, workshops which explored queer identity through creative expression, queer visibility walks, panel discussions, and jam sessions with various international and South African queer artists. Follow STASH CREW and Umlilo.


Photography Credits

Nu Biabe (Brazil)
Tobias Purfürst (Berlin)
Corinna Mehl (Berlin)
George Polychronopoulos (Berlin)
Gi Gü (Berlin)

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