Introducing the 6 illustrators part of MRP’s latest t-shirt range

Mr Price is back with a new collaboration, which launches later this month. The retailer commissioned six super-talented South African illustrators to create an exclusive limited-edition t-shirt range. Kobie Niewoudt, Maaike Bakker, Sebastien Quevauvilliers, Jade Klara, Nanna Venter and Lorenzo Plaatjies bring their own individual style, and work with various tools to create their beautiful designs.

Check out the look book and get to know the artists behind the gear below.

Maaike Bakker

What’s your preferred medium?
Digital. I have started working on an iPad Pro using a variety of illustration based apps, which I find exciting.

About the tee — “I wanted to create something that was amusing and playful. My design and the colors were slightly ’90s inspired. I added the phrase ‘super duper’ as it is positive and works well with the light-heartedness of the skateboarding dino. The tee will hopefully inspire its wearer to not have too much of a serious outlook on life.” — Maaike

Lorenzo Plaatjies

What’s your preferred medium? Digital. I use my phone to create most of my work. I find it convenient because I can work anywhere. I can capture a reference image on my phone and immediately get to creating.

About the tee — “I wanted to present a unique aesthetic, that kids like me would appreciate. It’s to a very romantic and worn out feel to it. I wanted it to look unfinished like an 1800s Italian paining.” — Lorenzo

Jade Klara

What’s your preferred medium? Mixed media. Recently I’ve been experimenting with ink and water. I’ve been loving the unpredictable bleeds and textures. I also have a Cintiq that I do most of my work on.

About the tee — “I wanted to create a tee that would give the wearer a good feeling. I wanted to keep it bold, simple and feel-good. I used primary colors, chose a rabbit as it is a symbol of good luck in many cultures and dressed him up.” — Jade

Kobie Nieuwoudt   

What’s your preferred medium? A combination of digital and traditional mediums. I create textures and patterns free-hand, scan them, then deconstruct and add to them in Photoshop.

About the tee — “My aim was to create an assemblage of images that can be interpreted differently by each individual viewer. It can be mythic, mysterious, humorous, spontaneous or tongue-in-cheeck. Humour is an essential part of life and I try to incorporate it into my work.” — Kobie


Sebastien Quevauvilliers

What’s your preferred medium? Acrylic ink. Black is my go to colour. I love the moodiness and the depth it creates.

About the tee — “I enjoy the idea of false perceptions — like people who seem hard but may have a soft side to them. Tigers are great beasts — both regal and wild. I decided to focus on the emotion in the eyes, showing there’s more to a tiger than it’s savagery.” — Sebastian

Nanna Venter

What’s your preferred medium? At the moment, I’m fond of painting as I find it to be a meditative activity and gives me a break from my computer.

About the tee — “My design is a remix of the classic Rosie the Riveter design. Rosie is a symbol of female economic empowerment and it was fun updating her for a new audience. The slogan ‘Do if for yourself’ is a play on the concept of DIY, but can also be a battle cry for self-determination.” — Nanna


The MRP X Project Tee Collab will be available in MRP Stores from 16 October.


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