Meet Dikgetho Mametja – The young designer behind Estée Lauder’s new look for Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup

Dikgetho Mametja, a final-year student at fashion design school, LISOF, is behind a brand new special edition sleeve design for Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup. Dikgetho — whose studies are sponsored by the Make a Difference Leadership Foundation — created the design using colour pencils and khokis; presenting a fresh take of one of Estée Lauder’s signature products.

The initiative is part of Estée Lauder’s Foundation for the Nation collaboration with the Make a Difference Leadership Foundation, which sees a portion of the sales from the foundation during specific months of the year go towards sponsoring the education for young women in South Africa.

We spoke with Dikegtho about her design, how Make a Difference Leadership Foundation has changed her life and her thoughts on young leadership in South Africa.

Dikgetho Mametja

What inspired the packaging, can you tell us how you came up with the design?
I was given the platform to do whatever I thought would work for the brand. Estée Lauder is a prestigious and international brand that caters to women of different skin tones and backgrounds. The one thing that these women all face at some point during their lives is that they might think they are not good enough or pretty enough. So, I decided to target to this specific point in every woman’s life and remind them that we are powerful, phenomenal and perfectly imperfect in all our different forms.

What are the necessities of strong packaging design?
Consumers seek differentiation. Having a strong packaging design draws the attention of those consumers that a brand might not have initially considered as a target market. We live in an age of creativity, differentiation, “youngness” and vibrancy. A strong packaging design eliminates brands being perceived as dull or not having anything “interesting” to offer to its customers.

Dikgetho Mametja

As a young womxn, what does beauty mean to you?
In simple terms: being true to who one is. Yes, it is very difficult when the likes of Kendall Jenner, Beyonce and Rihanna are ubiquitous in the media. So, for me, we are all beautiful if we remain true to who we are.

How has the Make a Difference Leadership Foundation affected your life?
Besides paying for my tuition, Make a Difference Leadership Foundation has made me believe in myself, by helping me realise and achieve my dreams. The organisation has also given me confidence, a platform to not be afraid to voice my opinion.

*This article was made possible by Estée Lauder and Make a Difference Leadership Foundation

Established in 2003, MAD has been at the forefront of transforming South Africa through education and leadership cultivation. They identify gifted scholars, who don´t have the financial resources to pay for schooling, and sponsor their education.

Currently, MAD has 170 students on their Comprehensive Scholarship programmer, which is their primary focus, and which allows students like Dikegetho to reach their full potential.


Dikgetho Mametja

Dikgetho Mametja

Dikgetho Mametja

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