N.U.D.E: French creative Bony Ska’s Cape Town collective aims to create a safe space for artists

“The common purpose behind everything I do is to encourage liberation of the constructs that are restraining us,” says French photographer, filmmaker, writer and fledgling singer Bony Ska, who came to Cape Town in 2015 for an internship for their Masters, fell in love with the city, and ended up staying a full two years. They have now returned to France and created a short film documenting their experience.

“I love to express myself through various medias. Mono-tasking kills more than tobacco,” says Bony. “Once the soul is free enough to express itself directly, it can blow anyone’s mind. We just need to unlock ourselves. Too many people think, I am not good at this, or at that. We were all born with unlimited gifts and talents that we don’t even dare exploring.”

Taken by Marion Versatile assisted by Dora Dalila

While in Cape Town, Bony and a few friends kick-started N.U.D.E, a creative collective which organises regular events comprising exhibitions, performances, live art and of course, naked dancing. “The idea behind N.U.D.E is to create a platform for young and unknown artists to showcase their work in a safe space; to encourage political, social and creative dialogues.

“The nudity is the symbol of it all: once you’re naked in front of people, you are ready to show your soul entirely. Each layer of clothes is a layer between you and the world; a protection, a comfort zone. Once you remove them, you are in tune with yourself. You stop judging. You just are.”

So far, N.U.D.E has hosted five parties around Cape Town; the next one will be in November. Each events “starts with an exhibition, performances, and talks and ends with people dancing naked. It is not at all an obligation to be naked. That’s point, you just come as you are. The point is to show that you can be naked.” N.U.D.E also produces zines.

Image by Bony Ska

Image from N.U.D.E.’s instagram

“I was fed up with Europe’s austerity and lack of adventurous minds, and a friend of mine had told me about Cape Town’s free and inspired vibe,” says Bony, on why they came to South Africa.

Additionally, Bony and their friend Catherine has filmed My Day With, a series of short documentaries each featuring a different person from around Cape Town. They are currently working on writing and directing YOUTH, a short film series on the youth of the 21st century, and developing Polymorphe, a new France-based creative collective. Follow Bony.

N.U.D.E exhibiting at Afrikaburn / Taken by Catherine Rudolph

Image taken by Catherine Rudolph

Bony and a friend taking photos on the beach

A still from Bony’s video documenting her stay in Cape Town

An exhibition at a N.U.D.E party / taken by Aaron Polikoff

An exhibition at a N.U.D.E party / taken by Aaron Polikoff


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