Art, dating and feasting – 8 essential apps to make it through summer

With spring in full swing, many will be organising fun trips away this holiday, getting back in the dating game, or coordinating the freshest looks to accompany their glow ups. To welcome summer, we’ve curated a list of apps mostly created in Africa that are a must-have as you gear up for the season ahead.


Android and iOS
Purpose: To book a table at the nearest restaurant, bar, or cafe in Cape TownDeciding where to eat out is probably harder than deciding what to study. Featfox, the ultimate eating-out app, was launched by former chartered accountant Stuart Murless and his co-founders earlier this year. The free app allows Cape Townians to book a table at the nearest restaurant, bar, or cafe, matchmaking hungry tummies and eateries like a foodie twist on Tinder. According to Stuart, Feastfox hopes to expand from Cape Town to other major cities across the globe.


Android and iOS
Purpose: To make new friends, try to find love or just make your circle bigger.

Top of our list is Khedoo, which describes itself as a “dating app for Africans around the world”. “No one understands the African culture better than Africans,” says Khedoo chief executive Chinaemerem Muoka. “We love to date among ourselves. Wherever we find our self, Africans will always look out for other Africans to marry due to our strong cultural ties”.

Chinaemerem created Khedoo together with friends after moving to the USA. “While brainstorming we asked: are there any dating apps that help a person to find Africans just like them, anywhere? There were none, so we decided to make our own.”

The friends began building the app in early 2015 and launched the Beta version a year later. “Our biggest challenge in building the app was getting the best freelance developers that would be committed to building and updating the app on a limited budget,” says Chinaemerem.

Zeitz MOCAA app

Purpose: A tour guide to visitors of the Zeitz MOCAA museum

Illustration: Lucie de Moyencourt

Zeitz MOCAA, the new contemporary African art museum in cape Town, is working on creating an app that will act as a tour guide for museum visitors. According to an article, “each tour will highlight objects in the museum’s collections or aspects of the museum building, providing cultural, environmental and social contextualization through audio, text, images and video.” Visitors will be able to choose from “three different journeys targeted at adults, children and those interested in the museum’s architecture”.


Purpose: To streamline your public transportation experience in South Africa

Public transport makes about as much sense as math — by which we mean, it doesn’t. With NeceCity, this is a problem of the past. “NeceCity is an android application to view all your local transport, security and restaurant promotions. Enjoy,” according to its site.

The app contains everything you need to know about public transport around you, including a real-time tracker of exactly where the bus, train or taxi you are waiting for is. It also notifies you of your favourite eatery’s specials, and the biggest local events.


Purpose: To make the home-sharing experience not only better, but safer for the Black traveler

Noirbnb is an inclusive global travel community, launched earlier this year by entrepreneur Stefan after a bad experience. “While staying in an Airbnb, the neighbors saw a bunch of black people in the home and assumed we were robbing the place,” says Stefan. After talking to a few friends, Stefan realised this wasn’t an isolated incident and started Noirbnb to “make the home-sharing experience not only better, but safer for the black traveler”.


Purpose: To up your wine knowledge and buy the best bottle for any occasion

Feel like trying something new but have no idea where to begin? Wine23 — launching next month — is a convenient app that tells you everything you need to know about wine by simply scanning a bottle of the Bacchanalian treat’s label with your smartphone. The guide contains over 7 000 South African wines that allows users to scan, discover, rate, share and buy new wines. The creation of Wade Bales, founder and chief executive of Wade Bales Wine Society, the app helps you up your wine knowledge and buy the best bottle for any occasion — braai, picnic or present.

South Africa Travel Guide

To act as a mapbook, tour guide, and go-to during your travels

Planning a weekend away or sunny holiday is always stressful AF — juggling various websites and trying to remember everything you need to organise, all while looking out for cool activities to do on your trip. The South Africa Travel Guide has all the deets on everything you need to know about your destination, from the hotspots throughout the country selected by experienced travel writers, to key attractions and best restaurants. You can also book tours and hotels direct on the app.


Android and iOS
Purpose: To find and book the best priced flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town
Scrambling to find the best-priced, best-timed flight for an upcoming trip is a thing of the past. Flapp searches the web for you and gives you the best options on flights to and from Cape Town and Joburg. You can even book and pay for your flight within the app itself.





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