Joburg illustrator Sinalo Ngcaba boldly reinterprets her favourite Instagram posts

East London-born and Johannesburg-based designer and illustrator Sinalo Ngcaba’s portfolio is chock full of funny, witty illustrations and collages that play on internet trends. “I take inspiration from everything that’s happening around me and a lot from what I see on the internet because sadly I spend a lot of time on it.”

Crisp lines and shapes with defined edges characterise her minimalistic modern style, which she achieves digitally. “I recently started taking Adobe programmes seriously. The pen tool made me develop a minimal type digital style, using mostly straight lines and shapes.” Sinalo opts for pops of colour over textures to convey mood.

Recently, she has been reinterpreting some of her favourite photography posts on Instagram through playful illustrations. “I’m always like, ‘Damn, some people are really good at this instagram thing’, then I decided to put my own twist on it,” she shares about reinterpretations of posts by noteable creatives like Kay Kay Ribane, apparel store Corner Store and more. Follow Sinalo.


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