Joburg graphic designer Kamohelo Morobe creates alternative reality with minimalist illustrations

“All I ever wanted was to do anything that has to do with art,” says 21-year-old digital illustrator Kamohelo Morobe, better known under pseudonym Kadi Sabi, who was born in Tembisa and is currently studying third-year graphic design at Pearson Institute of Higher Education in Midrand.

Kamohelo is also a part of ICONiX SA, “a collective of young innovative African Renaissance artists from different parts of South Africa”, all working in different medium.

Kamahelo is inspired by modern artist movements such as De Stijl, cubismsurrealism and minimalism. His biggest inspirations, however, are his fellow ICONiX artists, Derah, Kenny and Sfiso. “Every time I have a conversation with them, I get enlightened and I grow mentally and spiritually,” he says.

When creating his strangely minimalistic digital illustrations that reference pop culture, social media and sci-fi, Kamohelo says he draws from “things I see, things I hear and things I feel”, combining separate experiences “like putting together a puzzle”, making his illustrations a whole separate reality. He likes to go back to the places where he remembers seeing specific images that inspired him.

An introvert, Kamohelo likes to spend time inside of his head. “While some people question the existence of God or gravity, I question the existence of life itself; is it real or is it just an illusion? I’m not really sure,” he says. “Love, art and music are the three things that keep me from loosing touch”. Follow Kadi.


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