Insecurity and self-love: Welcome to Fiona Kwizera’s world of witty comic strips

Fiona Kwizera is a first generation South African born to Ugandan parents. Now based in Tianjin, China, she divides her time between creating autobiographical comic strips and teaching English and Drama to primary school children.

Her comics are based on her own life and mostly feature everyday situations with a funny twist or an unspoken truth. Sometimes they’re dark. Sometimes they’re endearing but they’re always a delight to read.

The protagonist in her stories is one that some of us can relate to: a womxn on a quest for a career break, the “perfect” body and true love. But standing in her way is angst, neurosis and insecurity. Fiona says her comic strips serve as a form of self-therapy.

“To me drawing is the best conversation I could have with myself. A lot of my comics are sort of a nudge towards the lighter side of things, particularly those things that are out of my control.”

Armed with just a pencil, a pen and a moleskin notebook, Fiona’s simple yet expressive cartoons are all made traditionally.

“I like to journal to clear my head and work through states of mental affliction. I like the feeling of pen and paper. It seems weirdly intimate and honest,” she shares.  


Between 10 and 5