Cape Town artist Erin Chaplin breaks ground with debut exhibition ‘Outgrowth’

Cape Town-based painter Erin Chaplin is quickly breaking boundaries in the Cape Town art scene. With an upcoming solo exhibition at  Cape Town’s Voorkamer Gallery at Chandler House, this self-taught painter has her eyes set on making a name for herself.

Her new body of work, titled Outgrowth, is an exploration of her own abilities as an artist and will form part of her first solo exhibition as an artist. “I have always doubted myself and felt like I needed to ask for permission to breathe, basically painting is helping me unlearn these bad habits.”

The work is Erin’s way of showing her readiness to inhabit the role of an artist.

The work is themed with nature. “The common thread in many of these pieces is nature and structure. I am fascinated by how nature finds it’s way through. Outgrowth is a natural development. Painting, for me, is a natural development”.

The show opened 1 November at Voorkamer Gallery at Chandler House and will run throughout the month.

Cape Town’s Voorkamer Gallery at Chandler House

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