#BiteSizeBallet – Joburg dancers celebrate queer love and tackle homophobia in new film

From social media conversations to what happens in our daily news is the inspiration behind a new video series. TBWA\Hunt Lascaris and Darling Films teamed up with Joburg Ballet Company to create an ongoing series of cinematic short films, titled #BiteSizeBallet. Launched late this year, the series comprises four films — the latest released last week — which merge entertainment, art, film and social commentary to form something contemporary yet traditional too.South Africa’s Gay Pride events last month and recent current affairs were the catalyst for the new episode, according to the project. “Two South Africans are currently being held in a Tanzanian jail for ‘promoting homosexuality’. This story has shined a spotlight on the absurd anti-LGBTQ laws of many African countries,” reads the YouTube caption of the episode four, titled Love is Love in Jozi and which was released last week and stars Kitty Phetla and Claudia Monja as two characters in love. “We see a huge narrative on social media throughout South Africa about gay rights. We wanted to create something where we could be a voice for those whose rights are being violated.” According to the creators of the #Bitesizeballet episode, “The piece is a love story. We are trying to capture love through the art of ballet.” The shorts aim to engage popular culture and social issues, for example another one of the episodes addresses widespread womxn abuse in South Africa, in which two men and two women engage in a parallel dance. Beyond social issues, the show also engages popular culture, such as in the first episode, which is inspired by TV hit Game of Thrones, ahead of its seventh season. And the second episode is a dance interpretation of a fight between boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor, which took place earlier this year. Watch all the episodes.

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