DMs and digital dating – Young creative couple talk 21st Century love

Our youngest creative couple is a classic digital age love story. Students Bradley Sekiti and Nkulsey Masemola met on Instagram when Bradley slid into those DMs. Bradley, a 17-year-old dancer currently finishing matric at National School of the Arts, and Nkulsey, a model and first-year student at Wits, have been dating for almost a year but to Nkulsey. “It feels like I’ve been dating him my entire life,” says Nkulsey.

“He’s my muse. I would have no other description of it. He inspires me to do better.” — Nkulsey

“He’s the calm to my wilderness.” –Nkulsey

Bradley (left) and Nkulsey (right)

Nkulsey is fast becoming one of fashion’s more recognisable young faces. And with his rising fame, their relationship has become quite public. The couple featured in Mykki Blanco’s Out of this World, a documentary in which the rapper explores queer culture in Joburg. Watch below as the two share about their relationship.

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