Bridgetown Skateboarding Crew – The Cape Flats kings of skate culture

Bridgetown Skateboarding Crew (BTSC) comprises a tight team of riders and friends based in Athlone in Cape Town. The crew recently launched a street and skate wear oriented brand, which offers simple, functional street wear staples, such as T-shirts, crew necks, caps and hoodies.

At the helm of the brand is crew member Andraé Bird. “We are making dope shit for skaters by skaters. It’s all about us and using the resources and local influences around us,” he shares.

The brand frames skate culture in a way to reclaim the Cape Flats as a place where the youth can shape a unique identity through skating. “There is a reason why so many skaters from all around identify with us. It’s because there’s honesty in what we produce. We are not chasing podium spots or magazine covers.”

BTSC describe themselves as more than just a brand, they are a cultural touchpoint and lifestyle. “We are not a carefully thought out streetwear brand but rather an overspill of our crew’s creativity, be it through clothing design, productions of short films or youth development programmes.”

The crew are like a family—brothers united by a common cause and outlook. “We’re always hooking each other up with spare skateboard parts and looking after each other.” A percentage of the company’s earnings goes toward paying for members of the crew’s school fees or study related materials.

You can purchase BTSC merchandise from Alpha Longboards.


Photos by Matthew Wareley

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