The vloggers sharing everyday narratives of South African millennials

For smartphone-carrying millennials who spend as much time watching shortform video online as they do traditional television shows, it’s no surprise that vlogs (video blogs) are an ever-expanding part of YouTube culture.

“Globally, it’s now 44% of internet users who are watching vlogs each month. As might be expected, it’s the youngest internet users who are the most enthused, with as many as 53% of 16-24s watching vlogs each month,” says the site. Local viewers are no exception. So, from gaming to pop culture and beauty, here are eight innovative local vloggers you should be subscribing to.

Mishka Attempting to Be A Hijabi

Location: Port Elizabeth
Category: Fashion

Who they are: Vlogger Mishka Savahl speaks about her love of fashion and scarf styling.
What you’ll find: Mishka’s YouTube channel shows womxn different ways to style their hijabs and dress modestly, but still stay on trend. “I wanted an outlet where I could help to inspire young girls to want to wear the scarf but also feel confident wearing it.” Mishka’s hijab tutorials are humorously narrated. “I love making people laugh. And although I am Muslim I’d like to think that anyone – Muslim or non-Muslim – can laugh, relate to or learn something from my channel.” Follow Mishka Attempting to Be A Hijabi.


Location: Johannesburg
Category: Lifestyle

Who they are: Zande. is a creative collective comprised of friends Qiqa Maboza, Mphumzi Nontshinga, Yolisa Poswa and Sinegugu Ngwenya.

What you’ll find: The team pride themselves in creating a conversational platform to showcase the everyday narrative of South African millennials. “We started the channel so South African youth can see a representation of themselves. We figured that we had the power to fill in the gaps where we feel they are missing, and if others saw that gap they would find closure in our channel,” say Zande.

Okay Wasabi

Location: Johannesburg
Category: Comedy

Who they are: George Khayalethu Mnguni, also known as Okay Wasabi, is a 23-year-old vlog comedian.

What you’ll find: His channel Okay Wasabi puts comedic spins on everyday situations. “What makes my channel stand out is that I am vlogging from the hood… I always strive for my channels to be real as possible,” he shares. George also produces an ongoing series called KotaPast9, a mock foodie Vlog featuring food offerings for the masses. He recently left his nine-to-five to focus solely on creating online video content. George also co-hosts a show with his girlfriend called Sushi with Wasabi.

Cynthia Gwebu

Location: Cape Town
Category: Beauty

Who they are: Cynthia Gwebu is beauty and makeup blogger with over 7 400 subscribers to her YouTube vlog.

What you’ll find: Cynthia uploads coverage on beauty events, know-how, accessible product reviews, and makeup tutorials. Though beauty remains the cornerstone of her content, the vlogger sometimes shares fashion advice too.


Location: Johannesburg
Category: Lifestyle

Who they are: Sinesipho Ngcayisa, Phalo Ngcayisa, Lwando Maku, Mixo Mathebula, Mlondolozi Makuni, Monwabisi Ndlangana, Akhona Mashaya, Candice Fraser and Nomnikelo Veto are a group of friends and founders of WeTheNetSA.

What type of content can we catch on WeTheNetSA?
We decided to start WeTheNetSA because we wanted to discuss the day-to-day issues that we face in our lives as young people in South Africa. Different people can watch our channel and all can have a ‘me too’ moment. Looking ahead, the team says they aspire “to use the platform to do meaningful work that has an impact on the social issues we discuss and wish to change”.


Location: Johannesburg
Category: Comedy

Who they are: Farieda Metsileng is a skit maker, actress and YouTube sensation who goes by the stage name Pharoahfi.
What you’ll find: Farieda has created a variety of different characters that she uses in comedy sketches, each embodying a single stereotype. “I love singing and telling stories in the form of other characters,” she shares. She vlogs on her smartphone in the form of comedy sketches and rants.

Sam Wright

Location: Cape Town
Category: Gaming

Who they are: Sam Wright is a YouTube gamer and the technology blogger behind the Tech Girl blog.
What you’ll find: Sam produce gaming-related content, a genre that accounts for 80% of YouTube’s top trends. Her content covers industry events and offers entertainment and insight into how games play IRL. She uploads gaming sessions with commentary, which are short and watchable thanks to her fun delivery and concise editing. Follow Sam Wright.

MicroWave Boys

Location: Johannesburg
Category: Current events

Who they are: Larry Nhlane, Sipho Muchindu, and Sphakamiso Ngonyama are hosts of a weekly news show MicroWaveBoys, which debuted in February 2017.
What you’ll find: The trio take a look at the day’s top headlines through a satirical lens, weighing in on topics ranging from pop culture to entertainment trends, celebrities, music and current affairs.

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