Long-distant duo DJ K-$ and model Sydney Davy create a mixtape celebrating their love

Sydney Davy and Kalo Canterbury (K-$) are one of our long-distance creative couples. Sydney, holding down Joburg, is a model and makeup enthusiast — she runs a company called The Girls Guide, which does makeup for special occasions, as well as talent scouting and management. She describes herself as “an outgoing lil fairy with a bad attitude”.

K-$ is one of Cape Town’s best up-coming DJs, pioneering the Yaadt sound to the world. He describes himself as “Professional prettyboy. Overall Daddy. Wavemaker. Finesser of crowds. Yaadt lordt.”

When did you meet each other? 
K-$: We met at Cape Town Fashion Week after the 2BOP and Sol-Sol shows in the beginning of July. A bunch of the homies went to get drinks afterwards and she happened to join us. Sydney sat across the table from me and just stared, didn’t speak. I thought she was shy or didn’t want to talk to me. About a month later we started throwing real bones when she left Cape Town.

Sydney: The story about how we met is ridiculous. I was seeing a friend of his at the time. We all happened to be at the hipster hideout Yours Truly in Cape Town, and I came to sit down next to his friend, without even noticing K-$. As I did, I got anxious and awkward — I couldn’t even speak to him. I literally took myself home because I couldn’t handle it.

What’s the silliest thing you guys fight about?
Sydney: They’re more jokey fights but he always plays with my toes. I hate it! I hate feet so much and he loves my toes, drives me insane. One of the biggest things that annoy me the most is that he never lets me sleep, he will make me stay up as long as possible but then wake me up super early. It drives me up the wall.

K-$: When Syd gets hungry, she gets upset (with me of course.) It’s actually 90% cute, 10% annoying. Easily solved with fries or Snickers.

What’s the best thing about being in a creative partnership?
Sydney: The best part about being in a creative relationship, especially with Kalo, is the conversations we have. We really dive deep into a lot of things with each other.
K-$: Our ambition drives each other. The harder she works, the more I’m inspired to continue to do the same. It’s beautiful seeing your person achieving all their goals and dreams.

We asked them a couple of questions, and asked them to compile playlists for each other.

Sydney’s tracklist

  1. D’angelo – untitled (how does it feel)
  2. Calvin Harris – Feels
  3. Bryson Tiller – Set it off
  4. Ella Fitzgerald & Mills Brothers – Dedicated to You
  5. Kelela – LMK

K-$’s mix (below)

  1. Janet Jackson – Would You Mind (MAI BAD Refix)
  2. Kehlani – Everything Is Yours
  3. Erykah Badu – Phone Down
  4. Sinead Harnett – If You Let Me (ft. GRADES)
  5. Che Ecru – 2AM
  6. Justin Bieber – Heartbreaker
  7. Davido – If
  8. Drake – Signs
  9. SZA – Garden (Say It Like Dat)​

Between 10 and 5