Algorithm: What to expect walking into Cape Town’s new ‘no-concept’ store

Algorithm is the brand new retail space that opened on Long Street in Cape Town last week. Describing itself as a “no-concept space, a sort of mothership that houses alien brands from the future, past and present of South African pop culture”, Algorithm’s houses various brands like black koki, Womb, Angry Africa Records, Asseblief Vintage and Supernature. We profile some of the brands in the space.

Asseblief Vintage

Asseblief sells “hi-nostalgia vintage wear”, citing the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s as their inspiration. ride the vintage wave with their iconic branded tees and streetwear classics. Expect brands like Champion, Tommy Hillfigger, Kappa and more.


Angry Africa records describes itself as a “Genre-Neutral Record Label”. Expect a variety of sounds, all from Africa.


Womb is an industrial design brand that offers Inside/Outside items, such as their LP stackable and wall mountable units — womb combines quirky designs with practical uses.


Supernature is a pot plant lover’s dream, and offers high quality sourced indoor plants, hand-made pots and accessories, indoor plant installations and styling. Featuring dreamy greens spilling over beautifully designed pots, their Insta page will give you a serious itching to update your interiors.

black koki

black koki is a South African abstract artist, whose work is sold in-store at Algorithm. “I want to make images that are both hard to look at, and hard to look away from.”

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