Cape Town photograher Sarah Hugo-Hamman produces beautiful portraits for My Friend Ned

Sarah Hugo-Hamman is a Cape Town-based photographer and fashion stylist best known for her film portraits. In September she was scooped up by local modeling agency My Friend Ned to produce test shoots that are true to their cutting edge brand.

Agency owner Candice Hatting hand-picked Sarah for her distinctive analog aesthetic, which moves away from glossy conventionality. Sarah works with models across all divisions to help build content for both their own portfolio and for the agency.

With experience as a model Sarah is perfectly positioned to showcase the agency’s talent. Her goal is to ensure that every model receives sufficient spotlight. “Normally there is a lot of focus on a few individuals within the agency and others can find themselves lost. I want to draw attention to people who have been possibly overlooked.” The inspiration behind her test shoots starts and ends with the model.

A true polymath, Sarah art directs, shoots, styles and sometimes even designs the model’s wardrobe.

Producing a shoot on your own is fucking scary. You have to learn to try and fail, which for me is the hardest thing to do. At every step it’s a challenge but when it’s done and you have those images in front of you that were only mere things in your head, honestly nothing is better.”

She got her break in the industry after assisting fashion stylist Gabrielle Kannemeyer for a year. This experience along with constant guidance from friends at the corner store CPT gave her the confidence to keep going at it. Looking forward Sarah would like to continue to grow in the realms of styling and photography. She is also attending sewing and garment construction courses.

“I grew up looking at collages of images from fashion magazines made by my sister Chloe, and that world seemed so far away. With what is happening right now not only in terms [of myself] but looking at what other creatives are pushing out, it feels like we are getting closer and closer to receiving the attention, support and hopefully money we deserve.”

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