Sustainable fashion: Akina releases a new swimwear collection for the summer

Akina — a fashion brand founded by Leatitia Breedt in 2016 — is a South African independent online store, owned and operated by a small team of women in Cape Town. The brand’s newest collection of swimwear, HAZEuses a dreamy, soft palette and focuses on minimal design, the use of stripes and front tie details.

Designed and manufactured in their factory in Cape Town, the brand only uses recycled and reclaimed resources for their garments. Akina wants to create a world in which looking good and being conscious of the environment can co-exist, inspiring “a sustainable way to be fashionable”. Leatitia adds. Having shown at South African Fashion Week earlier this year and appearing in Women’s Health this October, Akina is well on their way of becoming a household name.

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