Self-taught Joburg illustrator Simeon Ferreira shares brand new ‘I Feel Slick’ series

Based in Krugersdorp, Simeon Ferreria is a self-taught artist and illustrator who aims to create his art using different mediums. “I don’t believe in limitations if it has a surface it can be formed into art”.

And his latest body of work, I Feel Slick, is testament to the artists need to create. Simeon launched the monthly personal project earlier this year with his girlfriend Rochelle, and this mammoth series features illustrations of famous and everyday people, a collection of stickers and socks, and so much more.

“It’s a platform where I showcase my art that I make by releasing a different volume but keeping it limited to 50 units each month, in that way who ever gets my art has something special.”

Simeon, whose work has a big punk culture influence, says his designs allow him to move away from societal norms and be himself.

“I’m 50 shade of ginger and the other half is blonde, so I don’t believe that something has to be a way just because the public or people say so, I do as my heart and mind says”. He currently works as an event designer for Arcade Empire in Pretoria.

With bold colors and evocative images, Simeon’s illustrations draw the viewer in immediately, and the artist says they are a reflection of who he is. “At the end of the day, my art has a lot of meaning for me personally”.

Apart from these colorful eye-catching illustrations, the artist — a self-proclaimed South African ginger who entered the scene in 2012 — also creates apparel for artists like Stilo Magolide and  Dan Patlansky.


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