Double tap! Influencers to look out for in 2018 ❤️

The word “influencer” will probably make you roll your eyes as hard as you do when you read the term “millennial”. These buzzwords are sometimes used as industry jargon, with millennial describing people born after the 1980s as scapegoats for society’s failures or influencer culture conflating astronomically high social followings with impact on consumer habits. So just before we banish these words forever, we would like to keep you in the know about who we think #GotNext. From tech to lifestyle and beauty, we look at those influencing consumers, clients and the culture on the low. You know, the timelines your favourite influencer refreshes before uploading. Yeah, we compiled a list of who should be on your radar.

Lesedi Leketi


Popular on: Instagram
Look out for: Next-level make-up artistry

Lesedi is a LISOF graduate who uses the art of make up to compliment the art of fashion. Her Instagram is experimental, bold and ultra-feminine and she says, “I wear makeup the way society says I shouldn’t, it’s not about beauty it’s about the art”. Here for it!

Helen Herimbi


Popular on: Her blog
Look out for: A behind the scenes look at the business of music

Helen is a music journalist at Touch Central and has years of experience in music and media. She started out at the Independent Media Group and has since held positions such as editor of music magazine, MTN Xploaded and the business and arts magazine, Jozi Insider. She has been a web editor at Africa’s biggest pay-TV company and a senior content producer at a free-to-air channel.

Glow Makatsi

Tarryn Hatchet

Popular on: Instagram
Look out for: Snatched style and infotainment on trans issues

Glow is the gorgeous trans activist and vlogger everyone should know. Not only is she incredibly stylish, but also an artist using her body as a tool for resistance, self-determination and joy. The industry would be remiss by snubbing this effervescent talent.

Reagan Paulsen

Popular on: Instagram
Look out for: Capsule collections and candid photography

Reagan is a photographer and co-owner of Youth95, an apparel store based in Cape Town. The company was started in 2014 and is heavily influenced by 90s street culture. I have a real appreciation for people who not only talk about their influences but reimagine them in the way that suits them most. Street culture changes throughout time and yet certain staples remain and that is the thinking that inspired You95’s capsule collection of tracksuits.


Jay Teja

Popular on: Instagram
Look out for: Wellness videos and campaigns

Itumeleng Solar Modise is a model, YouTuber and wellness enthusiast. She uses the online space to talk about various issues including anxiety, skincare, gratitude, and even headwrap tutorials. She’s featured in campaigns both in print and digital and is honestly #skingoals.

Jeanne-Louise Lamont

Design Indaba

Popular on: Her site
Look out for: Creative projects on creativity and technology

Jeanne-Louise runs Phlogiston Creative Industries based in Pretoria. This year, her team designed a campaign that helped re-imagine decentralised spaces in the city. She is currently working on a new project called the Coin Projects, which looks at how we can use technology to learn and solve problems in South Africa. Super into it.

Rofhiwa Maneta

Chris Saunders

Popular on: Medium
Look out for: Self-reflecting short stories

Rofhiwa is the author of self-published book of short stories called Metanoia. During the day, he works at one the world’s most culturally significant publications in Cape Town and during his spare time, he writes remarkable stories that seem to weave bashful youthful anxieties with weighty themes like mental illness, Blackness and navigating self in post-Apartheid South Africa.

Menzi Mzimela

Popular on: YouTube 
Look out for: YouTube content better than TV

Menzi is a media mogul in the making and is the producer behind the most popular YouTube channels in South Africa. His videos are better than anything you’ll see on Generations. If you have been a fan since his Tumblr days, you will definitely marvel at the growth from both a conceptual and production angle. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the full flex yet and I am eager to see what’s next.


Popular on: Soundcloud
Look out for: Curated sounds

If you know me, you know that my Get Up and Go routine cannot get started without listening to Nouveaux’s Summer Mix. This up and coming DJ duo curate some of the dopest music to bless us all via their live shows or Soundcloud account. Mainstream events would do well to include curators like Nouveaux because they never miss a beat. Also, if you’re trying to introduce your friends to some new music or you’re finally trusted with the aux, you’ll find that kind of music here.

Mzikayise Mkrweqane

Popular on: Instagram
Look out for: Art direction and modelling

Recently featured in Live Magazine’s Woolworths campaign, Mzikayise Mkrweqane aka Star Boy Black is undoubtedly one to watch. His social media profiles show someone who knows exactly what image they want to be associated with and it is clear that we should all have him on our radar. Besides, the way he uses green as an accompaniment to his personality is equal parts stunning and creative.

Tshego ‘Red’ Mosiane

A fashion friend

Popular on: Her site
Look out for: Fashion documentaries

Red is fast becoming a crucial voice in the fashion business online. Her work is informed, educational and necessary in this climate. Every critique is substantiated and her fashion documentaries have even shown abroad.

Didintle Ntshudisane

Size Mbiza

Popular on: Tumblr
Look out for: World class styling and collaborations

Didintle is a stylist at popular menswear blog The Threaded Man. A scroll through her Instagram feed inspires feelings of nostalgia and recognition and the way she frames the body is inspired. Her star is definitely on the rise and her latest achievement, styling a GQ cover, speaks to just that.

Kgalalelo Kedijang 

Popular on: Her site
Look out for: Insightful blogs on copyright, cyber intelligence and digital ownership

The Olivia Pope for creatives. Not quite, but that is how I imagine her to be. She is the CEO of the Creative Bar, a legal consultancy servicing creative entrepreneurs. The Creative Bar looks at the Ts and Cs so that your creative ideas can live. They also act as agents for your favourite recording artists, models, actors, writers, designers and models.

Header image of Glow Makatsi shot by Tarryn Hatchett.

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