3 South African illustrators collaborate with students on international Monster Project

International arts initiative for children The Monster Project aims to empower young kids by exposing them to the potentiality of collaboration and creativity. Primary school students are given unrestricted freedom to draw any monster that comes to mind.

The complete drawings are then sent to artists from all around the world to be reimagined into 3D illustrations, animations, and paintings. After this transformation, the monsters are returned to the children so that they can witness their concepts brought to life.

This year, three South African illustrators and design studios have contributed to the project: Cape Town-based creative studio Studio Mutiillustrator and designer Lize-Marie Dreyer and illustration-based production company Bewilder TVwho paired their artistic visions with student artists from the US.

See below their inspired interpretations of the students’ pieces.

Bewilder TV


Lize-Marie Dreyer




Between 10 and 5