Fleeked! Pretoria illustrator creates a zine of icons with ‘untamed eyebrows’

Juanita Mazola is a 22-year-old design student whose recently published zine about eyebrows has us inspired. Colourful, humorous and personal, she shares why she created the publication, titled Fleeked: A Zine about Eyebrows.

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with eyebrows so I saw this topic as the perfect opportunity to illustrate my obsession,” says the Centurion-based creative, who graduates from Open Window Institute of Arts and Digital Science in 2018 with a degree in Visual Communication specialising in Communication Design and Illustration.

Who or what inspired you to create the above work? 
This zine was part of a project that was given to us by our lecturer. We had the option to choose between four topics, and I chose “History and its Heroes” because I wanted to illustrate four different characters that have one thing in common: untamed eyebrows.

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with eyebrows so I saw this topic as the perfect opportunity to illustrate my obsession. My characters that I decided on were artist Frida Kahlo, actor Jack Nicholson, musician Bill Berry and politician Denis Healey. They differ in gender, culture, age and profession but they are all know for their signature eyebrows.

How did you go about creating their images?
Along with their portraits I had to illustrate objects that they would use in their everyday lives as well as an unique environment. 

Why was it important for you to produce work like this?
It’s important for me to be able to be open to new approaches and techniques. I’m looking for ways to expand my skills. Fleeked was important for me because I wanted to visually portray my obsession in a playful and quirky way. I believe it is important for every individual to try and showcase their talent in the most efficient way. 

What other projects are you working on?
I’ve been busy with my self-promotional project from college. We had to create a body of content to promote our skills and interests. This work will be exhibited at The Open Window Institute of Arts and Digital Science on 28 November as part of the final graduate showcase.

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  1. I am Juanita’s proud mom. She is so talented, extremely dedicated, motivated, hard working & has an fine eye for small detail & perfection.
    We are very honoured to be her parents & wish her all the best for her future.