Bad and boudoir – Lady Skollie is the face of Marianne Fassler’s latest campaign

Artist and activist Laura Windvogel, also known as Lady Skollie, is the face of Marianne Fassler’s FASSLERBOUDOIR 2017/ 2018 Resort collection. Shot in the designer’s Trechikoff-themed bedroom in Joburg, the collection pays homage to boudoir dressing.

Marianne’s name is synonymous with whimsy. And with this lineup, there’s no shortage of fanciful designs. The collection is a beautiful blend of asymmetry, soft volume and vibrant prints.

The richly-hued campaign was lensed by Joburg-based photographer Zander Opperman and styled by the fashion house’s creative director Lezanne Viviers.

Artist Melissa Fontini penned a poem to encapsulate the spirit of the collection:


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