Emerging illustrator Matthew Tager constructs a future fiction to reflect on today’s world

Illustrator and graduate of the Open Window Institute for Arts and Digital Sciences Matthew Tager has his eyes set on taking his place at the top of the creative industry.  Matthew, who is also a jazz vocalist, describes his design as art that generally explores future fictions through various creative approaches.

“My work explores the construction of heterotopic spaces from a postcolonial perspective through the construction of a future fiction. The research explores how designing for and envisioning a future, post-colonial, heterotopic space can be seen as a critical reflection on current world scenario,” Matthew shares.

A heterotopic space is a concept in human geography that describe places and spaces that function in non-hegemonic or authoritarian conditions

Matthew is a multidisciplinary artist who completes his honours degree this year and says he plans on going abroad to expand his creative horizon.

“The next journey for me is in Hong Kong. I am extremely interested in the culture and design style, which influences a lot of my decisions. I am excited to submerge myself in this space in 2018 and to learn and see what happens to my process and style through this experience.”

Matthew says creativity chose him. “As cliche as it seems I didn’t choose to be a creative, it just manifested in me. Like many creatives before me, I had a keen interest in mark making with pencils and crayons as a kiddo before anything I made constituted a ‘picture.”

Check our more work from Matthew’s practical component of his honours degree, which is titled 2200 and explores a speculated future fiction. In it Matthew comments on the current state of contemporary society, and how it is a technologically advanced space that is able challenge the status quo.

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