Good Good Good and Hokey Poke team up for music-food-clothing night

Hokey Poke and Good Good Good collaborate to bring us a new collection, launched at the Hokey Poke store on First Thursdays. The event will feature music by Pierre-Estienne and Young Supreme, and there will be complimentary drinks supplied by Krone.

Hokey Poke opened its doors in late February 2017, and owner Max Botha decided that he wanted it to be much more than just a salad bar. After testing and creating a menu and concept he brought together a strong team of talented creatives to bring his vision to life including graphic designer Hoick and interior designer Christine Joubert. Hokey Poke is a space where people can eat, drink and hang out but it has also become a space in which people collaborate and share their creative ideas on a broader scope.

Good Good Good is a functional basics brand that was started in July 2016. The collaboration made perfect sense as Max and Dan Sheer of Good Good Good have long been friends, and believed in each other’s vision. The collection will be available in store from 7 December, as well as retailing both in store and online from 13 December.


Between 10 and 5