Meet Banele Christopher – Digital powerhouse and brains behind PR agency Black Communications

Meet the Creatives is 10and5’s new summer series, which features interviews with some of Joburg’s hottest creatives working across industries such as fashion, media and music.

Joburg-based entrepreneur and social media co-ordinator Banele Christopher spends his days brainstorming on content creation and strategy. With his own fashion PR company, Black Communications, Banele’s modus operandi centres on ensuring that his clients stand out. Period.

With a background in strategic communications, Banele picked up his social media savvy through work as a social media creative at publishing company Ndalo Media before launching his own successful business. We chat to the digital entrepreneur, who shows off his style and chats to us.

If your style was an artist, who would it be?
Visual artist Jules Tillman.

What are you working on next and what can we look out to from you?
I am working on exciting projects and collaborations with fashion brands and my social media strategy consulting business for organisations and brands.

How would you describe your work in a song?
Suited by Shekhinah.

Name the most recent and exciting project that you’ve worked on.
The Destiny and Destiny MAN Power of 40 report, which came out in the November issue of both publications. This report features men and women who are under 40 and making a huge impact in their chosen fields. This is a fun process of shortlisting entries, producing a shoot and awards.

Who’s in your Top 5 Faves list at the moment?

  1. Vika Shipalana because she is one of the most powerful women in South Africa and a prestige director for Pernod Ricard.
  2. Kwena Baloyi — she is simply futuristic, I am obsessed with her hairstyles and I think she is the master of layering.
  3. Mmanaka Kelobonye because of her bold fashion sense and new luxury clothing range. Every woman should check it out.
  4. Thato Mahapa — his clean look is just me. I often go to his page for outfit inspiration.
  5. Gabriel Akinosho because he is a gentleman. I love his suites and colour combinations.


Photographer: Zuzi Seoka
Make-up artist: Orli Oh Meiri
Stylist: Kwena Baloyi
Producer: Tiger Maremela
Creative Director: Lee-Ann Orton

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