‘We are people of color’ – Trevor Stuurman and Amanda du-Pont drop visuals for new adicolor campaign

Late last week photographer and creative director Trevor Stuurman and actor Amanda du-Pont shared visuals for the brand new adicolour SS18 campaign.

Featuring Amanda, with creative direction by Trevor and fashion designer Rich Mnisi, make up by Princess Ndlovu and hair art created by Benazir Akbar, the campaign showcases the revived range by adidas, which was first released in 1983, while the visual series incorporates rich, local and continental touches, such as African print material backdrops and objects such as amakipkip snacks, iziqhaza and more.

“We don’t have to believe what they tell us because we believe in what we see. And what we see matters. We matter. We are people of color,” Trevor shared on his Instagram page.

You can also find out more on how to enter the adidas Adicolor competition over here.


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