The powerful new visual series dedicated to men who cry

Boys Don’t Cry is an ode to men of colour who are subjected to societal pressures that hinders them from engaging with their emotional expressions,” says stylist Lindiwe Mayisela, who is behind the concept of the recently released visual series Boys Don’t Cry.

“The series aims to highlight the vulnerability that men are shunned from tapping into because constructs have taught them to hide behind a facade of masculinity.”

Photographed by Simphiwe “Simzphoto” Mkhwanazi and featuring Julian Tamuka and Chris Mafuka as models, the poignant visual essay highlights the dichotomy of the male form and expression, according to the Joburg stylist and Wits University Bcom law graduate who pursued her love for fashion at Lisof.

“Men are raised in such a way that they need to constantly keep up with appearances of ‘masculinity’ and in turn puts them in strange place of trying to fight off their deeper and more true selves.

“I wanted to depict this struggle in the medium of styling by giving men a feminine, softer feel to illustrate the vulnerability that men also experience. Moreover, I wanted to demonstrate that it is okay too for men to show emotion by dismantling the notion that ‘boys don’t cry.'”

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