The Carnation: The new zine intertwining photography and floristry 🌱

The Carnation is a photography and floristry zine created by Cynthia Fan and Jade Paton. The idea was born when playing around with still life compositions, we realised that we shared a similar aesthetic and were excited to work on a project together, according to the two Cape Town creatives.

The Carnation Zine Japan

The first issue pairs the film photographs Jade took in Tokyo and Kyoto, with ikebana-inspired floral compositions. Cynthia has been practicing the art of ikebana for the past two years and the two felt that that style of arranging flowers complemented Jade’s depiction of Japan.

“The collaborative process was very organic and by working together, we were able to enhance and clarify our ideas. We felt that the more creative control we had, the less diluted our vision would be. For this reason, we worked on most aspects of the zine ourselves, with the help of the amazing designer Taariq Latiff of Chclt.”


The pair plan to collaborate with a different artist for each issue, allowing their work to influence our floral compositions. We hope that each zine has a unique feel.

The Japan Issue launched at AKJP Collective in Cape Town earlier this month, and Jade and Cynthia also took over the AKJP window for the first 10 days of February, where floral installations were displayed.

The Carnation Zine Japan Issue


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