HONEYCNTZA – A Joburg podcast on pop culture, sex and ‘weird things’

HONEYCNTZA, is a quirky weekly podcast presented by Joburg creatives Trash Panda and Yung Kween, covers art, music, pop culture and more.

Diona, a copywriter, and BFF Larney, who is one-third of an all-girl production company Black Gosling, host the podcast, which they say is actually called HONEYCUNT. “It’s stylised as HONEYCNTZA because social media frowns upon swearing. You can expect titles such as Is ‘Friends’ the Worst Show Ever Made? and 25 Things to Try Before 25

Launched in 2017, each week, the two “release an episode into the void, focusing on pop culture, music, sex and weird things we find on the internet”, according to them. And sometimes, the shows include local guests. Every now and then, they also hang out on street corners in Braam selling t-shirts.Listen to HONEYCNTZA on iTunes, Sound Cloud, Sticher and PlayerFM.




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