‘Simple Love’ – SA filmmakers create new short film for Ghana rapper M.anifest

Set on a fishing village in Ghana, Simple Love is a captivating new short film that encompasses musical talent, depth and emotion, and tells a story of a young woman whose passion lies in dance.

Simple Love Short Film by M.anifest

Featuring Ghana rapper M.anifest, Simple Love is a film directed by South Africa-based Makere Thekiso, with cinematography by Motheo Moeng and features dancer and choreographer Angelica Kankam.

Born Kwame Ametepee Tsikata, M.anifst is an internationally acclaimed award-winning musician, known for his emotive music and stylised videos. His words echo through this short film.

“The video came from an emotionally naked state of mind,” says Makere. “A place yearning for peace of mind and a place where we try to find happiness through our dreams and goals. A place where you leave logic behind and let your feelings take control.

Photo by Rvdical The Kid

“The song is not perfect – it is raw. The video has its flaws too, which makes it perfect to me. It has its flaws like us human beings: the camera work is not perfect and the dancer is still a student, like all of us in life. It is about capturing a state of mind through visuals.”

Makere, co-owner of Callback Dreams Studios, recalls how the video came together as he was travelling to Ghana to shoot a video. “I am one of the biggest M.anifest fans. I knew I wanted to shoot something with M.anifest while in town – I just did not know what. The only plan I had was that I want to shoot something with M Dot.”

Days later, Simple Love came about. Check out the video.






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