The dark electronic gem of ‘Choo Choo’, Diamond Thug’s latest track

Leading up to Diamond Thug’s release of their debut LP in April, the band’s single Choo Choo presents a dark electronic tone comparing a lover’s quarrel to a medieval battle.

The name Choo Choo is a playful twist derived from the chorus’ harrowing lyrics: “Chewed you up, you’re tired.” Perhaps offering a glimpse into the dichotomy of minds in a toxic relationship.

Diamond Thug_Choo Choo Single

As the song unfolds, a labyrinth of arpeggios, guitar melodies and varying synthesizers come and go until finally culminating in a powerful, psychedelic ending. A crescendo of sound mirrors the crescendo of tension, with the band offering little resolve and instead leaving the listener with a taste of the experience.

In 2016, Cape Town-based band Diamond Thug — made up of Chantel Van T (vocals, keys) Danilo Queiros (bass, production), Adrian Culhane (guitar, synth, backing vocals, production) and Ted Buxton (drums) — recorded their debut EP with the help of Dave Minehan (The Replacements) and released it to waves of support.After significant support on a double platinum selling collaboration, Diamond Thug have introduced their music internationally with singles Eclipsed, Cosmic Dreamer and Sweet Return, which have garnered fast increasing support.

Listen/share track via Soundcloud here.

Diamond Thug_Choo Choo Single

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