Apartheid Museum’s #BillOfRightsZA initiative gets people talking

In an effort to remember the people who were affected in the struggle against the apartheid regime, The Apartheid Museum has partnered with agency Joe Public United to create the #BillOfRightsZA initiative to commemorate Human Rights Day, on 21 March.

Over 8 000 bills highlighting the 3 508 235 lives that were affected during the period — from the amount of people killed in combat to those wounded during Sharpeville Massacre — have been placed in selected restaurants throughout Joburg.

“This ‘bill’ shows the cost of getting our real Bill of Rights,” says journalist and editor Grethe Kemp.

Restaurants involved in the initiative include Hell’s Kitchen, Rockets, The Whippet, Corner Café, The Lonely Hearts Club, Coobs, The Republic of 94, Greenside Café and Simply Asia.

Twitter was buzzing with talk about the initiative, with many applauding the museum’s effort to create a meaningful Human Rights Day campaign.

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