Illustrator Yoosha Isaacs offers a futuristic take on Joburg’s architecture

When tasked with the creation of a mixed media calendar for a visual communications class at the Greenside Design Centre, Joburg-based creative Yoosha Isaacs decided to put a modern and futuristic spin on his city’s architecture.

This unique illustrative project started with a trip around the city, where Yoosha — a third-year Graphic Design student — spent time photographing the many buildings found around Joburg. From there, he created patterns with ink and sketched out the buildings. Finally, the sketches were imported into Photoshop where they were manipulated into these eye-catching illustrations.

“This was a second year Graphic Design project where I was tasked to go out and photograph buildings and incorporate mixed media elements in to it. What I enjoyed about this project is that I got to explore my city and the infrastructure it holds,” says the designer, who recently shared this ode to the City of Gold with us.

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