Hello Africa’s new supper club celebrates the tastes of Joburg city

“We’re an experiential travel company, focused on redefining the way we travel Africa,” is how Hello Africa Travel defines itself. And their new supper club, called The Dnnerclub, is  aimed at celebrating diverse cultures through food.

The supper club is a collaboration with Exotically Divine Itala traveling vegan kitchen. Ahead of the next supper club on 26 April, Trevor Chomumwe, one of the co-founders of Hello Africa Travel, talks about the gathering.

What is the Hello Dinner Club?
The DnnerClub is a gathering of people to support our own. Johannesburg is filled to the brim with incredible cultures from across Africa.

Why is this something you decided to do?
Have you ever wondered what the food you eat every day can tell you about where you come from? Have you ever wondered why people from different part of Africa eat different types of food? Do you ever ask yourself why certain foods or culinary traditions are so important to your culture?

We believe that food is an important part of a culture. Traditional cuisine is passed down from one generation to the next. It also operates as an extension of cultural identity. Immigrants bring the food of their countries with them wherever they go and cooking food is a way of preserving their culture.

Can you tell us about the dishes.
The food is exotic. Its shapes, sizes, colours, aromas and flavours. Grown by people of many tongues, cultures, and customs in different geographies. It represents the infiniteness of life.
Where is the supper club held?
5101 Ponte City Apartments, the tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere. We chose this venue because of its history and because of its sheer size, shape and location, the cylindrical behemoth identifies Johannesburg’s skyline as much as the London Eye does London. Most importantly, we are seeking to challenge the perceptions people have of Hilbrow, Berea and the greater inner city area.Cover image by Dean Hutton


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