‘Fuckbois be gone’ – DJ Maramza and Bonj Mpanza drop Uwrongu video

DJ Maramza and Bonj Mpanza team up once again on dynamic dance track Uwrongu; an ethereal blend of electronic musings, smatterings of soul and billowing bass, made with only one objective — to move. Completing the trifecta of creative powerhouses, the two have teamed up with visual magician Inka Kendzia on this hauntingly exuberant music video.

Channeling Bonj’s Night Fury alter ego in a spectral work of projection poetry, Kendzia creates a void occupied by flashbacks and apparitions of both regret and nostalgia.

Maramza chats to us about the track and shares the inspirations and his positioning, “At first one might think it incongruous, an up-tempo dance floor track with a song about a fuckboy, but actually I think it really works because the message is kind of “fuckboys be gone, I should have been onto you but never again”.

And that’s a positive thing. Some of the best dancefloor anthems deal with the same theme: Upside Down by Diana Ross, Show Me Love by Robyn S, et cetera.

“When I listen to the lyrics I can’t help thinking back on being a young fuck-boy myself, hot and cold in relationships, full of shit, manipulative at times, or just emotionally disconnected. Reason I bring it up is by releasing this track I completely share the sentiment and message and I can’t do that honestly without admitting to my own trash-ness.”


Between 10 and 5