Book – How to Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grownup

Cape Town writer and self-proclaimed “money dork” Sam Beckbessinger‘s new book, titled How to Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grownup aims to give “the best money advice you never got”, and addresses the lack of useful advice around finances for young adults (and maybe not-so-young adults, too).

One of Sam’s main intention was to present this book in an easy-to-understand and easily digestible way, and with hopes to alleviate some of the fears and anxieties of growing up and having to make difficult decisions that we all feel unprepared for.

Sam is co-founder of Phantom Design, an agency that uses design thinking to build sustainable fintech businesses, and recently released the book, which includes insight, useful exercises and more. Or as the text describes, “This book isn’t your grandma’s money advice. Get ready for real guidance, action lists and exercises designed to help you make a real plan that fits your life.”

“Retirement means reaching the point where you no longer need to work for money. If you love your job so much that you’d do it for free, now you can do your job for free if you want to. You can also do other jobs, or spend your time contributing to the world in other ways,” Sam writes about retirement. (This passage comes immediately after a retirement calculator that helps you work out how much % of your salary you would need to save per month to retire in x amount of years.)

“Retirement doesn’t have to be a single period of your life, either. I’m a big believer in taking micro-retirements (or sabbaticals) throughout your life. I’ve had two big ones already: a year when I went travelling (like a mid-career gap year), and some time I took off to write this book. These have been some of the most worthwhile times of my life. I was able to pay for them because I sacrificed some of my lifestyle and saved.

“If you want to have children, being able to take a few years off to hang out with them when they’re young might be a really important sabbatical for you. Or you might want to try starting a business.

“More than anything else, money means you can spend your time how you want to. And being rich in the currency of time is pretty fucking important, because you are going to die one day,” she writes.



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