Two brothers separated keep in touch through joint Instagram page

Brothers Hayden and Daniel Malan keep in touch through a joint Instagram account, despite living halfway across the world from each other. When Hayden moved to Korea for a year, the brothers decided that the best way to keep in touch would be through sharing images publicly. A dialogue through visuals.

They take turns posting photos on Born Free_Born First and find visual or thematic similarities, despite the vast distance and cultural differences between their settings.

“The way the Instagram account works is that we each take turns posting pictures and each picture has to somehow relate to the previous one, a bit like a game of picture ping pong or broken telephone between South Korea and South Africa.”

Daniel and Hayden are both Michealis school of art graduates. Daniel majored in printmaking and Hayden majored in Photography. Daniel currently works as a product designer. Hayden is currently spending a year teaching English in Korea, but will be back to study Landscape architecture.


Between 10 and 5