Cape Town designer creates 3D carpets inspired by New York City maps

From graphic design to furniture design, Cape Town-based Ollie de Wit adds dimension to conventional carpets to bring interesting texture to carpets. New York City provided the inspiration for this newest collection from Shift Perspective, a furniture design studio.

New York is such a rich visual story and Ollie used the NYC landscape to completely relook carpet aesthetic and functionality. “The New York City Carpet maps out almost every the street, park, concrete area and waterway of this busy metropolis. The bottom part of the carpet includes the southern tip of the Manhattan Island while the top features the famous Central Park seen in so many movies,” according to Ollie.

“Different pile heights within the carpet give it depth and when light shines on an angle the tallest pile heights cast shadows on the lower pile heights,” says Ollie. “The lowest pile height features the blue waterways and the black streets. The medium pile height indicates the grey paved and building areas with light green lawns. The tallest pile heights feature the dark green treetops found in parks.”


Between 10 and 5