Photographer Julian Hess uses the process of ‘photowalks’ to document his community

Julian Hess, Cape Town-based photographer, doesn’t do the traditional photoshoot thing. Instead, he’s developed a way of getting to know his models while getting natural, beautiful shots.

Julian started his career doing night life and event photography to assist with bills and purchases for his son. This soon evolved into a more creative, passion-based focus, which led Julian to developing his “photo walks”. “The walks are developed to better gauge the person I am shooting and in turn, make sure that my social circle stays creative and flowing,” says Julian.

His strategy involves taking people for walks around the urban city and showing them new and exciting places such as coffee shops and discrete roof tops.

While on the walk, Julian learns more about the person he’s photographing, and takes photos in these locations. The photos are natural, vibrant and gorgeously lit — Julian makes sure to plan these walks around the golden hour so that he can get the best light — and they show an intimate, comfortable side of the Cape Town inner city. We profile a few of his photowalks.


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