Sound artist ALV drops new single off upcoming ‘Majesty’ album

ALV is a Joburg-based multidisciplinary artist born in the UK and grew up in Cape Town. ALV works as a film producer, sound engineer and business executive producer, and has worked with the likes of Umlilo, Baloji and Spoek Mathambo.

MAJESTY, which acts as a coming together of the previous three albums: Prince of Darkness, Pinnacle and Swan/Void.

The first single, DEVILALV, is a cohesive blend of sounds that layer together to create a vibey but completely atypical listening experience. Coupled with the crying baby and panting sounds that the track starts off with, the single hints at an interesting full album, which drops on 23 May.

According to the artist, the single “encompasses, dictates, converses and creatively drives the ALV. DEVILALV evokes the merge current, which interprets the coming of Radical Change, Awakening, Chaos and Rising, which started on 23 April”.


Between 10 and 5