Cape Town artist depicts water crisis in photo series Water[less]

US-born, UK-educated photographer Madeleine Bazil is currently based between Cape Town, Scotland and Washington DC. Her new photo series Water[less] straddles both journalism and fine art photography, and looks at the environmental crisis in the Western Cape.

“This body of work expands on those themes of memory, existence, and trauma,” says Madeliene, who works as a freelance creative and does a lot of lifestyle and event photography.

“I considerWater[less] to be a meditation on the cause and effect of large-scale ecological trauma, an up-close navigation of the grey area of environmental flux where human negligence meets human impotence in the face of environmental reality.

“In considering the desalination plant’s construction site in close relationship with the V&A area of which it is an uneasy extension, these images are intended to highlight the complicated and inextricable connections between humanity and the environment.”


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