Internet Friends – A photographic story by Katya Abedian

Self-taught film director, photographer and writer Katya Abedian has recently released photo series Internet Friends.

Internet Friends is a story about transcending social media’s pitfalls while aspiring to form meaningful, sincere friendships . Candace Redlinghys, one of the models in the series said, “We often associate the internet with ominous feelings. It’s a place we go to get and give information, to buy and sell products but never ever to find meaningful friendships and relationships,” she says. “The title paints a warmer picture of a distant tool responsible for globalisation. It implies that the internet connects us in ways we never thought possible. If, we allow it to.”

Disconnect and self-involvement are often words that are associated with the internet but this doesn’t have to be the case. The internet gives us the opportunity to support another’s vision and in turn build our own.

Each person photographed came together thanks to the internet, Instagram specifically, according to Candace Redlinghys. “I can truly call each human in this story a friend. Each one is part of a community I created by genuinely caring for each individual and them reciprocating that care.

“How did we become friends? By being generally interested in one another’s lives. By cheering each other on in whichever endeavours we pursued. By seeing the people that follow me as actual human beings and not just numbers.”


Between 10 and 5