Artist Luke Batha’s new works draw on the abstract and ‘free feeling’

Born in the mid-1980s to lauded painter Gerhard Batha, Luke Batha is a contemporary painter who has carved his own way in the creative landscape with his thoughtful watercolour portraits, acrylics and more recently his abstract-leaning body of work.

Luke draws inspiration from the Renaissance painters and his latest collection, titled Private: A Studio Glimpse, which showcased at the In Toto Gallery in Joburg this month, encourages viewers to focus not on the subject matter but rather on the brushstrokes that evoke the tradition of Expressionist painting.

“From an early age I was privileged to have been taken to art museums and galleries throughout Europe and North America. I drew and painted for 20 years, developing my love of figurative Expressionism, favouring artists like Baselitz, Lupertz, Gerstl, Boeckel, De Kooning and more.

“Of late, I’ve been leaning toward abstract art that evokes a more free feeling, like music, my second passion. Painting is a compulsion of mine, battling with myself all the time. I never use black or colour straight from the tube. I am very particular about my palette mixing my own colours that blend and harmonise with each other creating a balanced composition of form, colour and light.”



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