Joburg creative Themba Mokase releases new visual series Eat Bread

Photographer and film DOP Themba Mokase’s latest photo series is titled Eat Bread ‘My Struggle’. The feature is styled and produced by Francious Ferreira, with make-up by Tamaryn van tonder.

“This series of work is to portray the struggle that we go through to survive. Coming from the slang word, ‘bread’ in street culture means money.

“The series is about the struggle to stay above the breadline or minimum wage and the things we do to survive,” he says.

Born in 1991 in Mamelodi, Themba — who recently shot the cover for Destiny magazine — shares why he choses the art of photography to express himself.

“I aim to portray my views. I picked up photography at a really young age as I had a bad stutter (speech impediment). That prevented me from telling my stories so I figured, I could tell my stories in pictures. Instead of struggling to put together a 10 word sentence. I would say a thousand with every picture.”


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