The Diver: A short story about finding a way to do the things you love

The Diver, an animated short film by We Are Batch TV, highlights the struggle that many face between doing what they need to survive and doing what they truly love.

This short story shows a young women who is insecure and self-conscious about her passion for diving. What the diver does and what she loves are two separate things in her life. She loves diving but it in order to pursue her passion, she will need self-belief, perseverance and a deep emotional investment.

Her lack of self-confidence leads her to do what she loves in isolation.

The Diver represents how we put the things we love on hold because we are so consumed by what we do.

The short story was written and directed by We Are Batch TV, illustrations are by Fran Labuschagne, animation by  Daniéla de Lange and music by Matthew Dickinson.

Between 10 and 5