Allan Gray’s latest Father’s Share TVC is heartwarming and impactful

In true Allan Gray style, their latest TVC, Father’s Share, is humorous, emotive and powerful.

Directed by Pete Pohorsky, Father’s Share is set in the 1950s in South Africa and tells the story of a family guided by a disciplined father over several decades. The father asks his son to give him a portion of his earnings throughout his life, not knowing that his father has been keeping a detailed record of every single transaction.  The son only becomes aware of the ledger after his father passes, which is when his money is returned.

Father’s Share is not only heartwarming and relatable but it also speaks to Allan Gray’s investment philosophy.

Allan Gray has always been a brand that’s been able to bring real and emotive human experiences through in their marketing and advertising while still referencing the brand’s approach to investing.

Between 10 and 5