Yellow House releases first single from highly-anticipated EP, Sermon On Desire

Yellow House, also known as Cape Town musician Emile van Dango, has recently launched the lyric video for Heaven Knows, a single off his latest EP, Sermon On Desire.

Heaven Knows speaks to the contrast of a man seeking to bring love and light to the world, while at the same time, being consumed by his own darkness. Listeners can expect a moody, ethereal ambiance as they listen to this new single, a common theme throughout the Sermon On Desire EP.

“Heaven Knows is a symbolic representation of my life throughout the process of writing this album. It details the viscous cycle of mental health paired with an appetite for excess. It tells a story of a man desperate to maintain his natural devotion toward the light, yet met with the demons of his physical reality around every corner.”

Heaven Knows offers fans a more intimate look into the mind of Yellow House but will certaintly leave you wanting more.

Overall, Sermon On Desire aims to find a balance between the light and the dark, offering music that is emotive and soulful, but never gloomy.

“Sermon on Desire is an album that chronicles the spiritual battle between light and dark. Within the album I explore all the manifestations of good and evil, detailing the experience of dwelling through the haze and blur of the two forces in battle over control of my life. It touches on the demons of mental health, while intimately exploring the role that love, lust and desire have to play in a world where one values the notions of devotion, security and balance. It is an album of a man deep in the fight for his soul, torn between the beauty of the physical world and the call of the next”

Between 10 and 5