Performance artist Wezile Mgibe interrogates the system, site and culture

Wezile Mgibe is an emerging art practitioner who uses performance and visual arts to make a statement about social change. The artist is well versed in various dance disciplines, especially contemporary and jazz, and has a background in musical theatre.

Wezile was born and raised in Port Elizabeth, and continues to make art there to this day. The artist is inspired by the surroundings they grew up in, and the art is a way to interrogate the system, site and culture. Growing up with a very supportive family, Wezile learned to see the spaces they were unwelcome in, and the unspoken communication inspired them to tackle these issues through art.

When asked why they make art, Wezile said, “I make art for the streets of Africa, for my friend, brothers and Sisters and everyone who is in a process of internal healing which we all undergo and the concept survival and exploitation, Africa is a crime scene and we are meeting parts of our lives we been at war with.”

Wezile hopes to continue making art around the work, creating site-specific pieces that communicate with audiences using sound, visuals and performance art.


Between 10 and 5