Nkcubeko Balani looks at the spaces in between with new work ‘Aesthetics from a heritage: Knowing through Revealing and Concealing’

Aesthetics from a heritage: Knowing through Revealing and Concealing is a photo story and essay that looks at the spaces between moments and the words that get left unsaid. Nkcubeko Balani, the artist, author and subject of the work, looks at the coming together of culutural heritage, personal identity and modernity, and how that affects them.

Nkcubeko is a multi-talented individual: working not only as an artist and writer,  they are currently working towards an LLB at the university currently known as Rhodes, where they have completed a BA in Political studies and Legal studies. Nkcubeko was born in East London, before moving to Cape Town at age 6, and they grew up moving between the two cities before heading to Grahamstown.

The project is diverse and well-rounded, touching on aspects of individuality, spirituality, decoloniality and much more – it is a thoroughly thought out interrogation of the various components of identity, coupled with beautiful and striking visuals.

Read the full essay here, and find them on twitter and instagram.


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